Palad Khik / Shiva Lingam – Vedic Philosophy

The lingam represents masculinity and the masculine force in creation.  A lingam is a stylized phallus, just as the carved yoni, which represents the feminine principle, is a sylized vulva.  They are matter and energy, yang and yin, sky god and earth mother.  Together, they represent the fertile union that created the universe.

The Palad Khik represents the Pure Consciousness of Lord Shiva and the Holy Markings on the Sacred Stone (which differ greatly from stone to stone) represent the interactive aspect of Goddess Shakti (The Holy Consort of Lord Shiva), the Divine Seed which is fertilized to manifest the Creative Power in the Dance of the Cosmos. Together, they represent the Union of the Supreme Male and Supreme Female Energies – Shiva and Shakti : Shiva Sakthi, the Wholeness and Oneness.

It should also be understood that the Narmada Shiva Lingam represents the Divine Blending of Knowledge (Shiva) and Wisdom (Shakthi). This is the very same concept expressed by the “Yin” and “Yang” Concept of another Eastern Wisdom from the Orient. There is a school of thought that considers that this is a way of transitioning between Murthis (Formed Shapes) and the Formless. The Sacred Shiva Lingam is widely considered to be the “Form of the Formless”. According to Vedic Texts, the Narmada Shiva Lingas illustrate Harmony through Duality and represent Power, Creation and the Physical Plane or Grounding of those who have these Divine Energy Tools.

The Narmadeshwar Shiva Lingams, because of their divine vibrations, are popularly called as “Cosmic Eggs” by NewAge Metaphysical Practitioners. They are also identified subconsciously with our physical origin, an embryo – the Holy Embryo : Divine Creative Manifestation of the Sacred Soul.

Maha Deva!! is the another name of Lord Shiva, as he  is considered  the most divine among all Hindu gods. Almost every state in India worships Lord Shiva. He is considered as the god of Yogis, who is extremely self controlled and celibate. Shiva is  the third god of triumvirate who is responsible for destruction of the world. Other two gods of triumvirate are lord Vishnu who is responsible for creation of the world and lord Brahma who is responsible for upkeep of the world.  Since many centuries people worship Lord Shiva in the form of  Shiva Lingam.  The meaning of Shiva Lingam is the “symbol of Shiva”.

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