Tam Sak Ritual

Palad khik are used in a ritual that takes place nightly in many go-go bars in Bangkok, and derives from Brahmanistic tradition.

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Phallic Worship

Phallicism and phallic worship have existed in virtually all civilizations and all cultures as far back as we can trace.

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Featured Palad Khik

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Palad Khik - An Ancient Tradition

The Palad Khik is widely used by the Thai People today for protection, enhancement of business, harmonious relationships, and most importantly, for warding off evil spirits or ghosts, but it has not always been so, and these attributes are simply the latest in a long history of evolution that can be traced back many thousands of years, in fact to remote antiquity.

Unfortunately not a lot is written about the Palad Khik, and one can only assume that this in part has been due to the conservative Thai nature and what previously was seen as somewhat of an embarrassment to the country, when in fact it should be embraced as a very unique part of Thai culture and tradition very much in the same way that almost identical folklore is celebrated.

There is a large Lingam in the royal palace in Bangkok, always decorated with colourful cloths and heaped with flowers. The cult of the phallus is alive and however prudish the Thai middle class may be, no-one would want to be without it.

In contrast to Thailand many overseas countries have recognized the significance of this unique part of Thai culture and tradition for example The Quasi museum in Paris houses a permanent exhibition of Palad Khik. Although having said that Thai Attitudes have changed considerably in recent years, and in particular as this subject has been brought to the attention of the public for discussion by some interesting, albeit controversial public display.


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